July 2016

1st Bootle and Litherland Brownies

We are proud to say that the girls that came up to us last term have now all been fully enrolled into our pack. They all did very well in reciting their motto, law and promise to the pack. We would like to wish them well - they are going to have a great time with us. On that note they have already completed one badge, which was their Agility badge, and are proudly showing them off on their sashes and gilets.

The girls have done many crafts over the weeks, they all love being messy and having fun. Snowy Owl did a craft night with them and they made some very colourful owls out of paper plates. There are so many things you can make with a paper plate. The girls loved it and there were so many wonderful designs.

The following weeks the girls made a start on another badge. They all went down to the kitchen with Snowy Owl and Little Owl and did a session for their Cooks badge. They made fruit kebabs, which all looked so nice to eat. Some of our older girls have already completed this badge in the past, so they made a start on their Cooks Advance badge, alongside helping the younger ones. The older girls had to do a different task, where they learned about safety in the kitchen, how they would handle objects well, and how to wash up before and after. They had a talk with Little Owl while the others finished off their fruit kebabs. The next week we all went back upstairs and made a poster about healthy eating. They used some food catalogues from the supermarkets, and along with some cutting out they also drew some information. There were some great designs again from them all, and Snowy Owl laminated them so that the girls could use them as place mats at home. We hope their parents liked what they had done. We have followed on from this with another section of the cooks badge and we made mini muffin pizzas in the kitchen. They used different toppings, all of their own choice, which definitely smelled very good. We hope their parents enjoyed them. The girls who are working on their advanced badge also made them, but also had to bake some cakes and bring them in from home.  They did well and were very yummy indeed.

On a note for the leadership training for our two new leaders:  they are doing fab. They have done so much and are signed off on so many sections in the book that we can safely say they are well on their way to being qualified. They have put a lot of hard work into this and into the Brownie nights, such as organising many activities, crafts and outings. We can’t wait for them to be qualified now as we are very proud of them and the girls love them both, which is great.

We have done a few games nights in between our badge work to have a break and have some extra fun. The term will soon be upon us for the summer holidays so, as we always do at this time of the year, we will finish with a party and Awards Night. We will keep you informed in the next edition who is our Brownie of the year and the runners up. We hope you all have a great summer holidays, and will see you all back in September.

The Owls