November 2018

1st Bootle & Litherland Rainbows


Linacre Rainbows



Autumn term began with us sharing news about all our summer adventures.
Everyone shared their news in a lovely respectful way which was wonderful,
as our new badge was to be ‘communicate’. This was a Skills Builder award
and as I mentioned in the last Link it encouraged the girls to communicate
in different ways eg acting, singing, dancing, speaking to large groups and
using sign language. It also encouraged the girls to listen to their friends
without interrupting.
On the next session we built a campfire with rolls of brown paper, kitchen
roll middles and screwed up newspaper. You will be pleased to know we did
not light it, but made the flames out of red, orange and yellow tissue
paper. All the Rainbows sat around the fire and we learned some campfire
songs. Although most of the songs were traditional we also learned a couple
of new ones which we signed. Usually people toast marshmallows around a
campfire but as ours wasn’t real we just ate them anyway!!!
Our third session was about having the confidence to speak to a large group
about a chosen topic.  We began with splitting into couples and talking to
each other, taking turns for 1 min each. We then joined up into small groups
and then progressed to speaking for 1 min to the whole group. Some of the
girls were very shy at first and we didn’t push them to speak for long but
at least they all contributed in a small way.
Great fun was had at our fourth session as we communicated with facial
expressions eg sad, happy, angry, scared, shocked or tired. We told a story
using facial expressions throughout and then played a guessing game with
face cards. We also took turns to pull a face and everyone had to guess our
expression. This led us into discussing feelings and how we would react to
anyone we may meet with a specific expression. We also talked about not
taking people at face value eg they may be smiling but sad inside.
“I believe” was our fifth session where we shared our opinions and learned
that we can all have our own opinions but we should respect others’ opinions
too. We had two corners, one for ‘agree’, the other for ‘disagree’. When I
made a statement eg ‘Unicorns are better than dogs’ the girls had to run to
one of the corners. Although the girls had different opinions we learned
that we can still be friends.
Our final week was a recap of all we have achieved during this badge
challenge. We played the corner game again and then explained why we chose
the corner we were in and the reason for our decision eg ‘dogs are faithful
and you can take them for a walk’.
To sum up we discussed why it is important to respect other people’s opinion
and still be friendly with them. One Rainbow said “We should always be
friendly with others and not fight with them as it spoils God’s world”. That
is one opinion we all agreed with.
During this half-term, while all this was happening, we also went on a trip
to Knowsley Safari Park. This was a Bootle and Litherland Guiding event
where all the Rainbows, Brownies, Guides and Rangers from all over the
District met up for a lovely day.  As I was on holiday, ‘Emerald’ (Karen)
took charge along with 2 helpers and everyone agreed what a fantastic day
they had. After seeing all the animals, time in the fairground and a visit
to the sea lion show, everyone returned tired but happy.
Thankyou to our helpers, Charlotte and Jess, who were Rainbows, Brownies and
Guides at Linacre themselves. Jess even achieved her Queens Guide award and
became one of our leaders herself until she became a mum.  Both help out
whenever they can and we as a Unit are very grateful for their time and

When we return after half-term we will be presenting the girls with their
badges and beginning to do Christmas activities. A visit to a pantomime is
also coming up.

Everyone in Linacre Rainbows wishes you all a lovely and peaceful Christmas
and a prosperous New Year.

With lots of love,
‘Ruby’  (LM)