Minister's letter.

November/December 2019

Dear friends,
Luke 18:1-8 The parable of the persistent widow
Any football fan knows that persistence is important to wear the opponent
down and win the game. So many times I have watched a game to believe a game
has been won because my team are winning after an hour, only for my team to
concede a couple of goals near the end.
Jesus said he told this parable to show his disciples to pray and not give
As a result of my Anniversary letter I was touched to receive a card from
someone telling me that they would be praying in their home at the same time
as one of the prayer meetings taking place at
Linacre. That is something others can do as well.
Prayer is such a part of our lives at Linacre, whether it is an
element of our Sunday worship, before and after meetings, our prayer chain
or the two prayer meetings.
God has a desire to hear what is on our hearts.  So, what is on your heart
today. What is it you want to say to God today?
Have you ever been to a florist to buy some flowers and you are offered a
little card to write a message? Its only a small space, but it’s space for a
message. I don’t always find that easy, do you? The little card remains and
is often kept long after the flowers have been thrown away.
Today why not cut a little card (the same size as the card that often comes
with flowers) and write a prayer on it? You could put it somewhere safe then
look at it, say, a week after you have written it. Ask yourself if the
prayer was answered (if that’s relevant) or what has changed in you in that
This could be the beginning of a Prayer Journal where you record every day
something of your prayer life in a book.
God bless you,