Minister's letter.

September/October 2019

Dear friends,

Happy New Year!
This time of year sees the beginning of the football season, academic year and Methodist Church year. My team (York City) are currently top of National League North. I anticipate an exciting season ahead. But what about our Methodist Church year, do we see that as an exciting year ahead? I link the two because in the programme I bought at a game I went to last month the club chaplain gave a very upbeat message in his article. He was excited about the season ahead.

So how are you feeling about the year that has just begun? Our anniversary services led by Revd. Patrick Evans are later this month and our leadership team have already been thinking about Hope Journey at Christmas, Homecoming, Christmas services and Covenant Sunday.

But I’d like us to think beyond life at church and think about our spiritual life. How do we feel about our relationship with God over the next 12 months? Are we excited about all the exciting ways God will lead us or perhaps fearful God may take us out of our comfort zone? I suspect among Link readers there is a mix of both. I fear some readers may not really have that kind of relationship with God. If you are in that category, I would urge you to use the next twelve months to really get to know God to know that He is real and allow His Holy Spirit to work within you.

If this leaves you completely confused why not get in touch with me and we can have a chat.

Happy New Year!