Whats On

The Regular Linacre Programme

10.45am  Morning Worship
6.30pm    Evening Praise

Please click here for the current Preaching Plan for all churches in the Liverpool North District

6.00pm    Rainbow Guides (5 - 7)
7.15pm    Guides and Rangers

!0.00-12am Drop-in Sewing Group
12.00am    Lunch Club
1.30-3.30pm The Reach ((drop-in for men)
5.45-6.15pm  Society Dance (age 3-6 years)
6.15-7.30pm  Society Dance (age 7 plus)
6.00-8pm  Youth Club run by Sefton Youth Services (11-16 years)
8.00pm     Support Group

9.30am     Tiny Steps - pre school group
7.00-8pm  Yoga
7.00-9pm   Ukulele Group

9.30am      Tiny Steps - pre school group
10.00am     Drop-In sewing group
1.00-4pm   Place of Welcome
6.00-8pm   Youth Club run by Sefton Youth Services
6.30pm      Brownie Guides (7 - 10)
6.45pm      Informal Prayer Meeting

!0-12am    The Drop-in Informal support or advice
11.00-1pm The Reach (drop-in for men)
1.00-3pm   Sequence Tea Dance
9.30 am     Child & Family Connect Centre
NB All uniformed organisations will be closed during the school holidays.